• Image of Yellow/Lila singing fishes.

The fishes are cute but they sing awfully! But don't you worry...Only monsters and other night-disturbing creatures can hear it. The best way to sleep tightly is to get one of these :)

All figures have eyes glowing in the dark. The driftwood used is the one I found next to the Baltic sea.

Handmade clay figures: 3.5x3.2x2.4 ish cm.
Driftwood size approx.: 13x2.5 cm, 20x2.5 cm.
Ribbon color: lila

Important: this mobile is fragile and not a toy. At any moment it should be at hand of children.

Shipping in Denmark: less than a week usually.
Shipping in Europe: You may count 2 weeks (at least for France), and it should be more or less the same for other european countries.
Shipping outside Europe: I'd count at least 3 weeks...

Each clay figures will be carefully protected by bubble wrap. I'm in any case not responsable for any damage caused by the transport.

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