• Image of Red Narwhales

The narwhales... Not difficult to figure out what they would do to get rid of monsters! They will just poke them with their long and pointy tusk! Very efficient.

All figures have eyes glowing in the dark. The driftwood used is the one I found next to the Baltic sea.

Handmade clay figures: 4x3x2.5 ish cm.
Driftwood size approx.: 6.5x1.5 cm, 13x1.5 cm.
Ribbon color: bordeaux
Figures color: cherry

Important: this mobile is fragile and not a toy. At any moment it should be at hand of children.

Shipping in Denmark: less than a week usually.
Shipping in Europe: You may count 2 weeks (at least for France), and it should be more or less the same for other european countries.
Shipping outside Europe: I'd count at least 3 weeks...

Each clay figures will be carefully protected by bubble wrap. I'm in any case not responsable of any damage caused in the transport.